Taxez Le Capital

Taxez Le Capital

Here we go again–Taxez le Capital! “Tax capital,” the money in a nation that creates jobs.

This white sign is in all red print except the main message in French blue for excellent readability. We like that the colors of the French flag are in play: bleu, blanc et rouge. Whoops, that also puts the Front de Gauche‘s color in play: rouge, the dominant color by far.

And then the upper half of the sign gets all muddled with nine business names and their logos. Are they supporting the Front de Gauche or are they being targeted? A layer of messiness is created that muddies the waters, so to speak, er type. They should have gone to a professional printer to get a quality printing with a clear message. Look at this to see how to get a bargain while projecting your message.

The Front de Gauche is a leftist–read communist–organization. Following World War II and the havoc wreaked in Eastern Europe and most notably East Germany and East Berlin, by their Soviet taskmasters, one would presume the French would shy away, nay, flee from communism.

But no, many remain diehard believers.

Let’s define capital: “money and/or assets possessed with the purpose of investing or starting a company.” This sounds like money a government would most assuredly desire to have plenty of in the economy. Therefore money they would encourage.

Jobs not only put people to work to earn money to support themselves and their families, give them something constructive to do with their time, keep them off the streets, but they importantly help fund the government through taxes paid.

The French have an unemployment rate of more than double of Germany next door. That means double the number of French who are free to go into the streets and protest. And protest they do.

But then again this does create more votes for the leftist governmental parties.

What to do, what to do? You can’t fix stupid, as they say.

This sign of protest, not so well done–thankfully.

Taxez Le Capital

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