Superman Est De Retour

Superman est de retour! Superman Returns! reads this newspaper headline of the famous Daily Planet. The man of steel will be visiting Paris–saving the day no doubt–in this latest installment of the Superman movies.

Directly under this headline is a larger than life picture of Superman, aka Kent Clark, flying near the Eiffel Tower to some damsel’s aid, Lois Lane we presume. The “photo” is aptly “shot” as Superman flies down out of the cloudy Parisian sky very near the iconic Eiffel Tower, about which we have written elsewhere.

Under the picture is the subtitle: Après cinq ans d’absence, l’homme d’acier est de retour. Le Daily Planet vous dit tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur cette incroyable réapparation.  After five years of his absence, the man of steel returns. The Daily Planet tells you all you need to know about his unbelievable reappearance.

And lastly we have the text of the supposed article and the particulars necessary to find a cinema showing this movie, etc., at the end.

How very clever! An advertisement for a new Superman movie as the front page of the Daily Planet.

This ad uses color for great effect in just the super-sized “photo” of Superman and for the very bottom banner to let us know this is actually a movie coming soon just in case the reader is that naive.

While we are not big fans of cluttered ads, this one makes the grade. The “headline” is in an oversized and bold font, and the “photo” of Superman is immense and in color, both of which grab our attention immediately. And the technique of using the fictitious Daily Planet newspaper to “run the story” is, in our estimation, brilliant.

Not only will Superman go up, up and AWAY! But the money that will be spent by moviegoers will no doubt do so as well. The movie industry would do well to have used Intuit coupon codes to get themselves ready to count up all those Euros that will be flying in. That is the real Superman.



Superman Est De Retour
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on February 19, 2015
Classic Superman advertisement pairs the man of steel with the Eiffel Tower in an attempt to lure French moviegoers to see the American superhero work his magic in a foreign land.

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