Rolling Stone

A magazine cover as an ad. Paris, 2008. Bruce Springsteen of the E Street Band smiles out at passersby from behind his guitar and aviators.

He poses with that well-known cocky look in jeans and a black shirt, complete with some male bling.

We take it that Rolling Stone Magazine–the French version–is what is being advertised, not specifically Bruce Springsteen, but of course he serves as the “come on” for this mini billboard.

All around him, as is the way with magazine covers, are the titles and some additional information about the various articles contained therein.

Rolling Stone is so famous that they don’t hesitate to block a fairly significant portion of the name.

Springsteen and his E Street Band have their origins in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA (remember “Born in the USA?”). We have to say that we used to live in his stomping grounds in east central Jersey back in the day. He was just becoming famous and a little of that fame rubbed off on you if you knew the area.

Magazine covers as advertisements, hmmm. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good: there are lots of items to catch the eye.

The bad: there are too many items to catch the eye. Unless The Boss is sufficient to draw you in up close and personal enough to peruse the ad, there may be too much for you to take in.

The ugly: the best ads tend to be clean ads. Junk an ad up and the main message gets lost. Although, in 2013, perhaps we have become accustomed to lots coming at us…well, the young anyway. ┬áBut is this ad aimed at youth or at baby boomers?

The magazine title is in red, plus a strong horizontal line in the same red across the top and across the bottom. And we do have Bruce’s smile inviting us to linger a bit and see what this issue has to offer. The Boss may be the boss after all.

Did subscriptions or news stand purchases of the magazine spike after this ad campaign? Only the accounting department knows. If they were using Intuit Coupon codes, they would have the ability to instantly tell if there were a surge in sales with accurate and reliable numbers. It would be a surprise if the combination of Springsteen and Rolling Stone disappointed.

Bruce Springsteen - Paris 27 June 2008

Rolling Stone
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on February 23, 2015
The iconic Bruce Springsteen on the cover of the iconic Rolling Stone Magazine beckons the viewer to find out more by visiting the local book store or news stand to pick up a copy.

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