PrintPlace Coupons for December 2017

Take 15% off Business Cards

PrintPlace coupons for business cards at 15% off!Save 15% on business cards! Full color, horizontal or vertical, single or double sided, coated or uncoated.
Expiration: 06-30-2015

10% Off Postcards!

PrintPlace coupons for 10% off postcardsSave 10% on Postcards! Use real mail to communicate with customers.
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Full Color Business Cards

PrintPlace coupons for Full Color business cardsFull Color Business Cards from
Expiration: Ongoing

How to Use PrintPlace Coupons for December 2017

PrintPlace coupons are your introduction to a vast selection of low-cost professionally-printed products to market and publicize your business. You can get business cards, brochures, flyers and more that you can design yourself to create professional-looking materials. There is a wide assortment of specific PrintPlace coupons for different products or a sitewide discount.

PrintPlace Coupons for December 2017
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on December 18, 2017
Unbeatable quality printing, low prices and fast turnaround times have established PrintPlace as a leader in the online printing industry. They offer full color, 100% offset printing backed by five guarantees to provide you with premium products, full satisfaction, the quickest results and much more.

Despite the ubiquity of electronic devices, from computers to mobile phones, paper usage has not been eradicated as was previously thought. The paperless office is still strewn with paper. Marketing still works with paper products, from business cards to flyers.

What is it about paper that it will not go away? Why haven’t electronic devices signaled its departure? The cause could be due to, in part, the inherent inconvenience of electronics, from the power-up time, to the awkwardness of holding the device to the risk of having such a device getting stolen.

On the other hand, paper is cheap, easy to replace and handles very easily. It can be folded multiple times and placed in a pocket or book. The paper is always “on”, with no need to wait for it to power up or restart due to a locked condition.

The tactile element of paper helps as well. Holding it in our hands, it has a personality of its own. It could be regular paper stock, thick stock, torn, crinkled or high quality.

Compare that to an electronic device which is heavier, sometimes unwieldy, tempting to thieves and devoid of any unique personality. There is no unique tactile sensation for each piece of content.

So printing will always be with us because there are endless uses for it. Certainly mass distribution cannot be done with electronic devices the way a leaflet can be given out. The cost of such a campaign would results in a massive financial loss if electronic devices were given out.

Sign Up For A PrintPlace Account

You must sign up for an account on the website in order to purchase items. Once you create the account and enter your products, you then specify your shipping address and shipping speed, which varies from Ground to Overnight.

Now click the green “CHECK OUT” button. You now land on a three-step webpage.

The first step is to specify your billing address.

Enter PrintPlace Coupon Codes

Step 2 is where you can enter the PrintPlace coupon codes. You can enter it before or after you enter the payment information.

Enter the code and click “Apply Code”

Enter Printplace coupons into the box and click Apply Code

Enter Printplace coupons into the box and click Apply Code

After you enter the PrintPlace coupons, the discount will be displayed in the Order Summary box to the lower left. Oddly, the discount is not highlighted, so you have to look carefully for the amount.

Discount displayed after PrintPlace coupons are entered

Discount displayed after PrintPlace coupons are entered

If your coupon is not valid, you will see a notification indicating that it is not valid or that it has expired. Make sure you have spelled the coupon code correctly.

You are notified of invalid PrintPlace coupons

You are notified of invalid PrintPlace coupons

If you cannot get the code to work, review our list of PrintPlace coupons for another code. PrintPlace updates their coupons regularly, so there will always be one that will benefit you.

PrintPlace coupon expiration dates do not have any slack! Unlike many other coupons, PrintPlace deadlines are firm (much like their service)!

PrintPlace specializes in high-quality, quick turn, 100% offset business card printing.

From the moment your order is sent to press, a team of qualified printing experts begin producing your order.

First, PrintPlace art technicians review your job for several aspects such as size, embedded fonts, resolution and bleeds.

Once your artwork passes this review, your job is passed on to pre-press. The pre-press technician’s job is to assemble orders for maximum printing efficiency.

Yours as well as multiple customer’s jobs are grouped together for properties such as paper stock, size, quantity and processing options. Several customers’s orders are placed into a single group for greatest efficiency. Once assembled, the jobs are sent to plating.

Here, the plate maker sends each job to a thermal infrared imaging machine. Aluminum plates containing an infrared-sensitive emulsion load into the plate setter where it wraps around the imaging drum. The drum spins at a stunning 1,000 RPM, as an infrared laser exposes an image onto the plate.

From there the now exposed aluminum plate moves to the processor, a four-step treatment is applied: developer chemical, water, buffing and gumming for further scratch protection. A plate for each color in the CMYK profile are printed for transfer to the press.

PrintPlace utilizes three Komori offset printing presses for all of our printing. Maxed out, the Komori press can print a dizzying 16,000 sheets per hour. The pressman takes the aluminum plates and hangs them on ink units of each corresponding color.

Blank sheets are fed from the back of the machine. A series of conveyors and rollers rapidly shoot each sheet under cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink units. The rollers evenly distribute ink to the plates, which offsets the ink to a blanket roller, that in turn, applies ink to the paper. Coated sheets are then fed through our aqueous coating unit and run across heating elements for drying.

Every few hundred sheets, the pressman pulls a sheet for analysis. He scans a color bar along the bottom edge edge for color accuracy. Visual inspection is also needed to check for highest quality.

After printing, the sheets move to the cutter. A large industrial cutting machine slices up to one thousand sheets.

Each job is then separated for transfer to their particular finishing processes. Your business cards, once sliced, are still attached in columns that are four high. As a finishing step, the cards are loaded into a slitter, where sets of rotary knives separate them.

The result, a high quality, quick-turn business card ready to ship to your door. Log on to today to get your project started or call PrintPlace at 877-405 3949.

PrintPlace Advantage

PrintPlace offers you a wide assortment of professional quality printed marketing materials for your business at discount prices. From business cards and brochures to posters and table tents, PrintPlace products can accompany you no matter where your business goes, from private meetings to large conferences.

The PrintPlace website is simple and easy-to-use as you select and then design your products. You can select from numerous professionally-designed templates to help you create the look you want or you can upload your own design. You can generate a proof instantly, at no extra cost, so that you can be confident that the finished product is what you want.

PrintPlace Quote Tool

A powerful and flexible instant quote tool lets you know the exact cost so that you can stay within your budget and not be surprised by any hidden charges. As you may changes to the quantities and sizes of your product, you will be able to see the cost changes instantly.

5 guarantees from PrintPlace:

  1. Quality –┬áPremium papers and inks
  2. Price Match – If you find a lower price on the same product, PrintPlace will match it
  3. On Time – Order turnaround within the number of days you specify, from same day to 7-day
  4. Customer Service – Talk to a human the first time you call with little to no wait
  5. 100% Satisfaction – PrintPlace will make it right if you are not satisfied

PrintPlace coupons for December 2017 are your way to keep printing costs low.

Expired Coupons

Get 25% Off Mailing Services!

PrintPlace coupons for save 25% on mailing services
We'll save you time and money. Direct mailing services on any mailable product 25% off!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Save 10% off On Posters!

PrintPlace coupons for Save 10% off On Posters
Spread your message with posters! Shop Now and Save 10% off!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Take 20% Off Flyers!

PrintPlace coupons for 20% off flyers
Spread your message fast! Save 20% off flyers. Professionally-printed, full-color and easily designed by you!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Save 10% On Booklets!

PrintPlace coupons for booklets at 10% off!
Take 10% Off Booklet Orders. Professionally-printed, full-color and easily designed by you!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Save 10% off On Table Tents!

PrintPlace coupons for Save 10% off On Table Tents
Deliver the message of your choice with 10% off table tents! Order Now!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Save 10% Off On Full-color Catalogs!

PrintPlace coupons for Full-color Catalogs
Order full-color catalogs and SAVE 10% on your total catalog purchase!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Save 10% On Brochures!

PrintPlace coupons for Save 10% off full-color brochures
Save 10% off full-color brochures. Professionally-printed, full-color and easily customizable by you!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Save 15% Off Envelopes!

PrintPlace coupons for 15% Off Envelopes!
Enhance and reinforce your brand image on your next purchase of envelopes. Order Now! One-time use per customer, per email address.
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Save 12% on Presentation Folders!

PrintPlace coupons save 12% on presentation folders
Save 12% on presentation folders! Make your next presentation a success with folders.
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Take 15% Off Rack Cards

PrintPlace coupons to save 15% off on rack cards
Promote your business to tourists, travelers, prospective customers and more with rack cards!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Get 10% Off Door Hangers

PrintPlace coupons to save 10% on door hangers
Save 10% on any Purchase of Door Hangers!
Expiration: 06-30-2015

Get 12% Off Entire Purchase!

PrintPlace coupons for 12% off entire purchaseBig Savings! Enjoy 12% off sitewide orders!
Expiration: 12-31-2014

SAVE $20 Off Orders of $150 or More Sitewide!

PrintPlace coupons for $20 off all orders over $150Enjoy $20 Off Orders of $150+ Sitewide! One per customer.
Expiration: 12-31-2014

Save $10 Off Greeting Cards!

PrintPlace 10% off Greeting CardsSave $10 on greeting cards!

Full color front with printed or blank back, 2 standard sizes.
Expiration: 01-01-2015

Save 15% Off Calendar Orders

PrintPlace coupons for 15% off calendarsSave 15% on 2015 calendars. Order now and avoid the rush. Give calendars to clients and organization members. 5 Standard Sizes, Custom Sizes Available. Full color.
Expiration: 01-01-2015

Save 10% On Postcards

PrintPlace Postcards at 10% off!Get a 10% discount off your postcard order!
Expiration: 01-01-2015

FREE Turnaround Upgrade on any order!

PrintPlace Coupons for free Turnaround Upgrade on any orderFree turnaround upgrade on any order!
Expiration: 12-01-2014

Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders up to $150

PrintPlace coupons to get Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders up to $150Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders up to $150!
Expiration: 12-18-2014

Free UPS Ground Shipping on orders up to $100!

PrintPlace coupons to get free UPS Ground Shipping on orders up to $100Free UPS Ground Shipping on orders up to $100!
Expiration: 12-01-2014

10% Off Every Door Direct Mail

PrintPlace coupons save 10% off door direct mailSave 10% off every door direct mail from PrintPlace!
Expiration: 09-30-2014

Save 15% on Sales Sheets!

PrintPlace coupons save 15% on sales sheetsShare more information about your products or services with sales sheets!
Expiration: 09-30-2014

Take 12% Off File Folders

PrintPlace coupons save 12% on file foldersSave 12% on any purchase of file folders!
Expiration: 09-30-2014

20% OFF Sitewide One Week only!

PrintPlace coupons for 20% off sitewide orders!Summer sale special! Enjoy 20% off sitewide one week only! Act Now!
Expiration: 06-21-2014

Free UPS Ground Shipping on July 4th!

PrintPlace coupons for free shipping on July 4Celebrate July 4th with FREE UPS Ground Shipping on your Order!
Expiration: 07-04-2014

Save 15% Sitewide! Two Days Only!

Celebrate Earth Day! Use coupon code to SAVE 15% site wide. Ends Wednesday, April 23. Order Now!
Expiration: 04-23-2014

SAVE 10% Off Letterhead Orders

Take 10% Off Letterhead Orders. Shop Now!
Expiration: 03-31-2014

SAVE 15% Off Sitewide

Take 15% Off Sitewide at! Save on business cards, flyers and other printing supplies!
Expiration: 02-15-2014

Save 15% Off Sitewide

Cyber Monday Save 15% Off Sitewide at
Cyber Monday - Save 15% Off Sitewide
Expiration: 12-17-2013

Take $15 off when you order over $150

PrintPlace coupons for $15 off orders over $150Save $15 on any order of $150 or more.

Sitewide discount on anything at PrintPlace!
Expiration: 12-31-2013

Get 12% Off Sitewide Products!

Business Gray Matter exclusive offer! Click to get our custom coupon code to get 12% off all PrintPlace products!
Expiration: 11-06-2013

FREE Turnaround Upgrade on Greeting Card Orders

FREE Turnaround Upgrade on Greeting Card Orders. Send your holiday cheer quickly and cost-effectively.
Expiration: 11-30-2013

Save $200 On Calendar Orders $1500+

Save $200 on 2014 calendar orders over $1,500. Avoid the year-end rush and order this month! Give calendars to customers, groups and organizations.
Expiration: 10-31-2013