Le Rustique

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Metro advertisements are such enjoyable reading while waiting for one's ride. This one is a bit tame, but then again it is advertising a country-style cheese. Passing time surrounded by throngs of bustling people may be just the moment to daydream about that perennial European August vacation in the country; you know, the one so annoying [...]

Air France

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We are inspired to fly Air France from the moment we see the crystal clear blue sky to when the plane carries us to the lovely young woman coiffed in such a way as to evoke the wind-in-your-hair experience of flight. A jet sweeps across the sky in an approach toward beauty. We are drawn [...]

Arquitectura Contemporanea

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A billboard on a ginormous scale! We find ourselves in Madrid faced with an explosion of color in the form of geometric shapes echoing a city of modern edifices. So appropriate for an advertisement heralding an exposition about the contemporary architecture of the city. The largest wording on the sign reads "ON-SITE" (in English) in [...]

Tinto de Verano

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A ubiquitious Smart car (in Europe, think very high gas prices and difficult parking) rushes past a series of billboards on a busy Madrid highway on a steamy summer day. The driver spots a billboard for a red wine in the form of a Popsicle and instantly knows what she will be savoring on her long Iberian lunch break. An [...]

Fundación Theodora

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An adorable little boy dressed as superman stands tall on a chair ready to conquer the world, his illness included. "Laughter makes them strong!" reads the caption. He is in the hospital, perhaps for a long bout with a life-threatening illness, all the while believing he has power over whatever medical challenge he is facing. [...]

Les Quatre Temps

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"Les Quatre Temps soon will reveal itself in a new light... " or something similar. Les Quatre Temps is a huge shopping center in La Défence district west of central Paris. This is an ultramodern area (in stark contrast to historical Paris) to which many commute for their work day. Not being native French, we are unsure [...]

GEICO Big Savings

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For anyone driving down this Arizona highway, this snapshot can't be missed as they fly past. The design is big, bold, and of few words and therefore super easy to read when glancing at it from a fast moving American sports car. And everybody knows the popular green Geico gecko. (Repeat that five times really fast!) [...]

Bowling Moueffetard

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This painting on the side of a building is a form of large scale advertising not seen much nowadays. This is no exception because clearly it is from a bygone era. While one could think that this is found in a city in Quebec Province, Canada (we're having trouble picturing a bowling allée in France), this [...]

Coors Light Québec

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This entire photograph begs for comment. The billboard reads, "It opens to all kinds of adventures." In the music world, there seems little more adventurous than a Scottish Highland drum and bagpipe band. The band chillin' with an urban backdrop complete with graffiti is a juxtaposition of the old and the new - much like the [...]

Cornerstone Church

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This billboard advertises for a church in Chandler, AZ. The design has four major parts: the top 25% is a black background with white text and some graphical buttons on both sides. The middle consumes 50% of the space and is in a Facebook blue color with huge wording. The bottom is a cropped photo [...]