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Organization of Women’s Equality

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Welcome to Historic Downtown Paris

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This sign communicates quite clearly that you are welcomed to a place called Paris. Are e-mail communications stifling team communications? Get together on the internet with GoToMeeting, the simple, easy-to-use technology that brings your team members together wherever they are. Use a coupon on this webpage. Paris welcomes us to their stunning city with these [...]


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Dog Droppings

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This billboard appeared all over Paris. Do you need to print a lot of materials? ComboInk has the ink and toner products for your printer at a great price with a coupon code from this list. Clever and funny! The French love (are obsessed?!) with their pooches. When we first traveled to France too long [...]

Le Petit Nicolas

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LACOSTE Girl in Red

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Sauver Protéger Aimer

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This billboard promotes animal care. Do you need to promote your business at conferences? Need a classy shirt to wear at a trade show? UberPrints makes it simple, quick and inexpensive. Grab a coupon here and save big. On the left, overlooking the crux of this billboard, is a woman clearly as thrilled with her [...]

Guerlain Paris

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Drakkar Noir

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