Security Company of Paris

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Circular notices are not often seen. This one is embedded in a wall and doubtlessly not very large, but big enough to put criminals on notice. A unique historic sign for these reasons and more. In stark black and white, the name of the security company is curved along the top. Two bold, crossed skeleton keys [...]

Pasta Factory

Pasta Factory thumbnail

This festive arch graces a pasta factory with side products of pastries and candy. With Spanish flair, the arch is constucted of mosaic tile, stained glass and metal arches in nearly infinite shades of green and rose. Not content to just build an arch, lovely tiles in a pattern of stylized flowers and vines fill [...]

Worldwide Democracy

Worldwide Democracy thumbnail

This van was part of an Occupy Paris protest in October of 2011. Three homemade signs have been created with much artistic flair out of common, throw-away cardboard. Quelle surprise! The first is done in white letters with exceptional elan. The bottom third of each letter has been filled in with black leaving a bit of [...]

Saint George Galleries

Saint George Galleries thumbnail

This sign consists of but six tiles. Around the perimeter is an almost Norman-looking wedgewood blue border. A crest containing a Christian cross aptly crowns the name of the business, Saint George Galleries. The building to which this tile work is attached seems older and far more worn than the sign itself. The language is Catalan [...]


Peace thumbnail

This determined lady holds up a small peace sign as she beseechingly looks into the camera. She is ever so French dressed head to toe in black, topped off by a flashy red beret and the ubiquitous scarf of the Parisian fashion world. The sign in her gloved hands is not only homemade, it is recycled. [...]

Fillon Resignation

Fillon Resignation thumbnail

This mademoiselle (a term now being removed from governmental forms in some areas of France on feminist grounds) is holding up a handmade protest sign with the last name Fillon written in a variety of sizes, styles and depths of black. Across this repetition of names is the word démission, resignation, in large, red capital [...]

Taller Textil

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This exquisite sign required careful design and long hours of work. Your business needs simple, quick and low-cost printing and for that, 123Print is the answer. Find a 123Print coupon code in this list. We absolutely love this sign in custom made tile! Is it old or young? We are betting old, perhaps antique. It [...]

Don Giovanni Ristorante

Don Giovanni Ristorante thumbnail

This sign advertises for an Italian restaurant in New York City. The oval shape encloses an image of a man's face, under which the name "Don Givoanni" is lit up by orange neon lights, then "Ristorante" and the tagline, "THE BEST BRICK OVEN PIZZA IN TOWN" printed underneath. A dark red background contrasts nicely with [...]


Vigilant thumbnail

This simple sign has two simple messages. If you need quick and simple printing, get a Print Place coupon for low-cost high-quality printing. A crisp black and cream - probably originally white - sign simply tacked onto a fence to announce that this property is protected by an alarm system. Black and white are superb [...]

Sharing Will Save the World

Sharing Will Save the World thumbnail

This sign is making a statement that is clear and unequivocal. Does your accounting software give you clear statements? If not, get an Intuit coupon code and get a clear picture of your finances. What kind of sharing??? This sign gives us few clues as to its full meaning. "Sharing will save the world." The [...]