Aux Pieds Nus

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Aux pieds nus -- Barefoot. This metal sign hangs outside of a business in Paris. It is a rich coppery chocolate brown with an unctuous gold border complete with flower-like designs in the corners. The colors remind us a bit more of a chocolate shop than the shoe shop we believe it to be. We [...]

Keep Portland Weird

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This has got to be Portland, Oregon, United States of America. Whaaat?! This was found in a Paris métro last April, 2012. Clearly it is Portland cuz... ...we can see a moose in profile front and center amongst various musicians and such, the cityscape in the crimson center layer and the Cascades with Mt. Hood [...]

Occupy Paris

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Scrap cardboard: Ce système corrompu n'a pas de frontières; notre révolte no p[l]us! This corrupt system has no borders; neither does our revolt! White - fabric, perhaps?: Europe des peuples pas des marchés. Europe for people not markets. "Markets" can mean "shops," a general market as in a labor "market," or even "a deal." We doubt [...]

Pas de Flamme au Tibet

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Pas de flamme au Tibet. No flame in Tibet. According to Wikimedia Commons, militant pro-Tibetans unfurled this sign during the run of the Olympic flame through Paris in 2008. They did not want the flame to pass through Tibet. Since they are `in Europe, they do not have an income tax day, but if they [...]

Grève totale de l’éducation

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A sweet and innocent-looking young boy wears a large protest sticker as a badge. This objection appears to be aimed at a concern about changes in the lycée system of France, roughly equivalent to our high school system in the United States. Non à la casse de l'éducation! No to the breakdown of education! If there [...]

Le Café Onctueux de Rians

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Envie d'un Café? Crave a coffee? Oui, mais Oncteux! Yes, but Oncteux! This billboard is advertising a coffee flavored pudding/flan with the luscious name, Unctuous. The advertising campaign is aggressive, no doubt, because there is a lot of money to made. The challenge of increasing revenue while decreasing costs can be accomplished with Intuit QuickBooks, [...]

Lancel Handbag

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Such a wondrous building to have a huge billboard covering a large portion of it, but we digress. Hang tight as we will revisit this historic train station, with its somewhat colorless past and now colorful present. The advertising budget for a billboard this huge demands careful accounting and there is no better way to [...]

Ateliers, Librairie, Salon de Thé

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A dazzling vertical banner graces the corner of a brick building in the Montmartre section of Paris. It bids all to come in for a sip, a read and a feast for the eyes. This zany, brightly colored sign against a white background perfectly fits into the quirky artists' haven that is Montmartre. Three fun [...]

Toledo Cathedral Entrance Door

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This sign is posted outside of the tourist entrance of the Toledo Cathedral in Toledo, Spain, called the Puerta Llana. Its full Spanish name is Catedral Primata de Santa María de Toledo. This could easily pass for a sign that was printed with exceptional quality, durability and affordability. Click here for info on the printing [...]


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Warnings need to be bold and clear otherwise they are not much of a warning. With a PrintPlace coupon, warnings can be printed with professional quality at a discounted price for maximum distribution and maximum effectiveness. We love the way European countries have an uncanny ability to create signs that a person of any language [...]