Le Goût a la française

Le Goût a la française

1664 – Le Goût à la française. 1664 – Taste French Style. Who woulda thunk the French made and drank much beer?

It turns out that this is a French company from the Alsace region in northeastern France. Historically this area has moved back and forth between French and German control since 1871 following France’s loss in the Franco-Prussian War.

It is also a region of mainly speakers of a German dialect (the German reason/excuse for annexing it in the first place). And of course the Germans are surely the most esteemed Brauers in the world.

This billboard is a vibrant blue, almost azure. In the foreground, we have a small, crimson café table with two chairs pulled back to indicate the presence of guests. It sits atop a hill overlooking a distinctly European city on the next hill. Whether the owners of these seats are up to greet friends, or are mere apparitions, is left to our imagination.

To the right is a luscious pilsner of Kronenbourg 1664 bière snuggled up to a full bottle at the ready. Above this, suspended in air, is the brand of beer with the aforementioned tag line underneath.

This expertly-crafted sign was definitely part of a careful budget to promote this product aggressively. An accounting program like this is necessary to keep track of the budget, from marketing to the production.

Looking over to the next hill we see a strangely eerie yet not unpleasant scene. The city looks somewhat cartoonish and the sun seems to be attempting to break through the clouds, perhaps indicating the mood of our guests once they’ve downed a pilsner or two.

To the far left stands a tree, as a person standing guard. Its colors are shared by the distant city, yet it is placed on the same hill as our imbibers.

1664 is the year of this brewing company’s inception as Brasseries Kronenbourg, now a part of the Carlsberg family of breweries.

This particular beer has been on the scene since 1952 and is the number one premium French beer in the world, according to their website, which, by the way, meshes beautifully with this billboard.

So raise a glass of 1664, toast France’s premier beer and leave the fabulous vins français for dinner.

Paris-Billboard, 5-4-2012

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