Harry Potter

Vienen Tiempos Oscuros y Difíciles: Dark and Difficult Times Are Coming, reads the relatively small tagline written across the sky in somewhat medieval font. In 2005, the popular Harry Potter series released yet another movie, “El Cáliz de fuego,” in its blockbuster series. We know it in English as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

We see the main characters of the series, albeit a bit older than in the very first installment, looking seriously and a bit hauntingly out at us or a bit askance as if deeply concerned about the task at hand.

The background is dark and foreboding as is the tagline at the top. Behind the characters we find two Asian buildings giving us a hint as to the location of this film.

It is interesting that the advertisers did not deem it necessary to give us any more information than the very large, three dimensional “Harry Potter” in HUGE letters close to centered on the billboard, along with the general theme of the film, mentioned above.

Adding to the eerie scene are the live trees rising up in front to partially obsure this ad. This is a great example of the photographer adding to the feel of the object being shot by her choice of an angle.

This billboard is successful on several levels: It sets the dark and brooding mood which clearly reflects the movie it advertises and is not advertising all about tugging at the emotions?

It does not need to include the actual name of this particular film because the Harry Potter Series was and is wildly popular. EVERYONE knows which movie is newly out (at the time) and, well, it is a Harry Potter movie so does the exact title really matter?

And lastly, we see the line up of all the major young characters–the age group to whom the movie is directed.

With a wave of the wand, many millions will be entertained and many millions of dollars made.

The money will not be made without aggressive marketing such as this, and for huge billboards, there is no better way to get the message out than to use BusinessGrayMatter deals, which save money without lowering quality.

Harry Potter Billboard

Harry Potter
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on December 27, 2014
An ominous and gigantic billboard announces the next Harry Potter movie with a cryptic phrase and the faces of the cast set amidst an Asian background. Will it lure millions of fans into the theater?

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