Such an evocative image. A beautiful, ethereal woman stands before a mirror. Such an attractive print job that communicates professionalism from start to finish. Print jobs like these are possible at an economical price using PrintPlace coupons from Business Gray Matter. The production value is on par with the professional level of this picture.

As she looks to the side we see her image in double. Overlaying this stunning duality, we have the faintest of landscapes reflected in the glass. A hill with trees that are just beginning to come to life with new buds where leaves will soon be is faintly seen. The photographer, by his chosen angle, has captured this additional layer, enhancing our model’s form and mood.

Fred jewelry serves as her only clothing, and lovely gold clothing at that. She wears delightful earrings that nearly defy description. Her necklace may be intended to hang from the bare back or just the usual placement. Most unusual.

We are told at the very bottom that these fine pieces are avaliable at Le Bon Marché and the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Ah, Les Galeries Lafayette, an iconic Parisian department store which is in a category all to itself. It began as a fashion store in a old haberdashery in 1895 by two cousins.

We knew you would ask, “What is a haberdashery?” Why, a store which sells notions for sewing such as buttons, thread, ribbons and zippers, of course.

By 1912, with the purchase of additional lots, the cousins had built a stunning ten-story store with a glass and steel dome and Art Nouveau staircases on boulevard Haussmann.

Under this exquisite dome today stands the parfumerie. It is lit from above by sunight coming through the glass. As you look up you discover the ornate balconies of the successive floors rising up as in an opera house of larger than life proportions. Stunning.

Today, there are other Galeries Layfette around the world, but the Paris store remains its flagship, as well it should.

Le Bon Marché, absent the same level of cachet as Les Galeries Layfette, had its first iteration in 1838 and became a department store in 1850, and is therefore considerably older.

A glance at Fred’s website reveals a host of fine jewelry, all of which is one-of-a-kind in its conception. It tends to be a bit bold and chunky, yet still feminine.  And they offer men’s pieces, too.

This relatively small street ad is enhanced by the photographer’s point of shoot. He has increased the artistry two-fold. Paris is not all cafés, shopping, monuments and people watching. Even advertisements give the city a bit of je ne sais quoi.


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on February 15, 2015
Less is more is the way this jewelry company advertises its goods. No text, just a model wearing some of the pieces in an attempt to get women, and perhaps men, to buy.

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