Taxez Le Capital

Taxez Le Capital thumbnail

Here we go again--Taxez le Capital! "Tax capital," the money in a nation that creates jobs. This white sign is in all red print except the main message in French blue for excellent readability. We like that the colors of the French flag are in play: bleu, blanc et rouge. Whoops, that also puts the Front de [...]

Pour Une Révolution Fiscale

Pour Une Révolution Fiscale thumbnail

Pour une révolution fiscal.  On December 1, 2013, a group called Front de Gauche demonstrated their desire for a fiscal revolution in France. There was a planned rise in the TVA tax (VAT to English speakers) to which which they are opposed. It became law January 1, 2014. Instead, they want the French government to tax [...]

Aux Pieds Nus

Aux Pieds Nus thumbnail

Aux pieds nus -- Barefoot. This metal sign hangs outside of a business in Paris. It is a rich coppery chocolate brown with an unctuous gold border complete with flower-like designs in the corners. The colors remind us a bit more of a chocolate shop than the shoe shop we believe it to be. We [...]

Occupy Paris

Occupy Paris thumbnail

Scrap cardboard: Ce système corrompu n'a pas de frontières; notre révolte no p[l]us! This corrupt system has no borders; neither does our revolt! White - fabric, perhaps?: Europe des peuples pas des marchés. Europe for people not markets. "Markets" can mean "shops," a general market as in a labor "market," or even "a deal." We doubt [...]

Toledo Cathedral Entrance Door

Toledo Cathedral Entrance Door thumbnail

This sign is posted outside of the tourist entrance of the Toledo Cathedral in Toledo, Spain, called the Puerta Llana. Its full Spanish name is Catedral Primata de Santa María de Toledo. This could easily pass for a sign that was printed with exceptional quality, durability and affordability. Click here for info on the printing [...]


Caution thumbnail

Warnings need to be bold and clear otherwise they are not much of a warning. With a PrintPlace coupon, warnings can be printed with professional quality at a discounted price for maximum distribution and maximum effectiveness. We love the way European countries have an uncanny ability to create signs that a person of any language [...]

Security Company of Paris

Security Company of Paris thumbnail

Circular notices are not often seen. This one is embedded in a wall and doubtlessly not very large, but big enough to put criminals on notice. A unique historic sign for these reasons and more. In stark black and white, the name of the security company is curved along the top. Two bold, crossed skeleton keys [...]

Pasta Factory

Pasta Factory thumbnail

This festive arch graces a pasta factory with side products of pastries and candy. With Spanish flair, the arch is constucted of mosaic tile, stained glass and metal arches in nearly infinite shades of green and rose. Not content to just build an arch, lovely tiles in a pattern of stylized flowers and vines fill [...]

Worldwide Democracy

Worldwide Democracy thumbnail

This van was part of an Occupy Paris protest in October of 2011. Three homemade signs have been created with much artistic flair out of common, throw-away cardboard. Quelle surprise! The first is done in white letters with exceptional elan. The bottom third of each letter has been filled in with black leaving a bit of [...]

Saint George Galleries

Saint George Galleries thumbnail

This sign consists of but six tiles. Around the perimeter is an almost Norman-looking wedgewood blue border. A crest containing a Christian cross aptly crowns the name of the business, Saint George Galleries. The building to which this tile work is attached seems older and far more worn than the sign itself. The language is Catalan [...]

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