A. Deraisme

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A fascinating and informative century-old business card from Paris. We have what seems to be an unusual pale blush card stock with the only print color of the time; black, but used to great effect. At the top right is their phone number composed of a combination of a word, for that section of Paris, [...]

Rose Wollman

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When we think of a violinist, we think of creativity, spark and loads of talent. With the bold teal of the card and the stark contrast of the black of the lettering and the white of her face and hands, this business card says all of this and more. Ms. Wollman leans toward her information [...]

Frank Bela

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We see what might be called "geometric origami," although perhaps this is an oxymoron. The contrasting blues of the front of this business card form beautiful birds with the drafting lines remaining to hint of the mode of creation. The business, Fabergraph, in stark white and on the diagonal is a smart way to showcase [...]

Charles Gallot

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A beautiful example of a business card from 1895! Bright red with rich gold lettering, M Gallot uses a wide variety of fonts, font sizes and font positions to bring the eye to all the information he is seeking to impart. Across the top is a banner with the three cities where his studios are [...]

Musée de Cluny

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The front of this gleaming white card is eye catching and truly stands alone. Its understated elegance is a nod to the reputation that precedes the Cluny Museum as one of the finest in Paris. The other side of the card repeats in softer tones the two diamonds and in greater size. It again uses [...]

Verjus Restaurant

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We love the rich, deep burgundy of this textured card. It evokes red wine with a depth of character which is perfect for a restaurant/wine bar. The name of this business is in a sweet script in the upper left hand corner. The particulars of this apparently dually-addressed establishment are defined one from another by [...]

Adrien Tournachon

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Maker: Graveur Stern Nationality: France Medium: engraving Size: 2.7" x 3.9 " Location: France Circa 1857 From the archives of Graveur Stern, 47, Passage des Panoramas, Paris This is a mid-nineteenth century business card from France. It follows the style of the time of using off-white card stock (white originally?) with black typeset in several [...]

Serif Kaya

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As understated and elegant a card as we've ever seen. The front is chocolate brown simply composed with a soft font in white. The "O" of Ottoman, the name of the restaurant, is boldly centered. In an unusual move, the two locations as well as the respective phone numbers are printed at the bottom on [...]

Marieke Vanderweeën

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Quel élégance! This is a most dramatic presentation with a beautiful poppy in seemingly three dimensions extending the length of the card! The play on floral tones is imaginative with the pop of crimson for the flower, the brown of the earth in Ms. Vanderweeën's name and the green of stems and leaves for the [...]

Patrick Bateman

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This business card has a lot of meat to it plus it costs a lot to make. If your business has a big stake in printing lots of materials, get them printed by 123Print. Use one of the coupons listed here and save. Leather, beef jerky?! Cut on the dotted lines? We're totally confused. Whaaat?! [...]