Contre l’Injustice Fiscale

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Ho hum... Another protest in Paris. This bright red banner says, "Contre l'injustice fiscale/Taxer le capital/Non à l'augmentation de la TVA." These folks français are against their concept of fiscal injustice. The banner tells us that they want to tax capital rather than raising the rate of the TVA, better known to Americans as the Value [...]

Le Goût a la française

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1664 - Le Goût à la française. 1664 - Taste French Style. Who woulda thunk the French made and drank much beer? It turns out that this is a French company from the Alsace region in northeastern France. Historically this area has moved back and forth between French and German control since 1871 following France's loss [...]

Pas de Flamme au Tibet

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Pas de flamme au Tibet. No flame in Tibet. According to Wikimedia Commons, militant pro-Tibetans unfurled this sign during the run of the Olympic flame through Paris in 2008. They did not want the flame to pass through Tibet. Since they are `in Europe, they do not have an income tax day, but if they [...]

Ateliers, Librairie, Salon de Thé

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A dazzling vertical banner graces the corner of a brick building in the Montmartre section of Paris. It bids all to come in for a sip, a read and a feast for the eyes. This zany, brightly colored sign against a white background perfectly fits into the quirky artists' haven that is Montmartre. Three fun [...]

Organization of Women’s Equality

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Paris Defends Human Rights Everywhere in the World thumbnail

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Fry’s Food Stores

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