Rolling Stone

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A magazine cover as an ad. Paris, 2008. Bruce Springsteen of the E Street Band smiles out at passersby from behind his guitar and aviators. He poses with that well-known cocky look in jeans and a black shirt, complete with some male bling. We take it that Rolling Stone Magazine--the French version--is what is being [...]

Superman Est De Retour

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Superman est de retour! Superman Returns! reads this newspaper headline of the famous Daily Planet. The man of steel will be visiting Paris--saving the day no doubt--in this latest installment of the Superman movies. Directly under this headline is a larger than life picture of Superman, aka Kent Clark, flying near the Eiffel Tower to [...]


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Such an evocative image. A beautiful, ethereal woman stands before a mirror. Such an attractive print job that communicates professionalism from start to finish. Print jobs like these are possible at an economical price using PrintPlace coupons from Business Gray Matter. The production value is on par with the professional level of this picture. As [...]

Harry Potter

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Vienen Tiempos Oscuros y Difíciles: Dark and Difficult Times Are Coming, reads the relatively small tagline written across the sky in somewhat medieval font. In 2005, the popular Harry Potter series released yet another movie, "El Cáliz de fuego," in its blockbuster series. We know it in English as "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." We [...]


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A "come hither" young woman peers out from what appears to be a movable billboard (Do we not see a wheel in the lower left corner?). It seems an odd placement, to have a large billboard-type ad at essentially eye level. However, it allows pedestrians to get a good look at these charming pendants. Our [...]

Taxez Le Capital

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Here we go again--Taxez le Capital! "Tax capital," the money in a nation that creates jobs. This white sign is in all red print except the main message in French blue for excellent readability. We like that the colors of the French flag are in play: bleu, blanc et rouge. Whoops, that also puts the Front de [...]

Contre l’Injustice Fiscale

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Ho hum... Another protest in Paris. This bright red banner says, "Contre l'injustice fiscale/Taxer le capital/Non à l'augmentation de la TVA." These folks français are against their concept of fiscal injustice. The banner tells us that they want to tax capital rather than raising the rate of the TVA, better known to Americans as the Value [...]

Pour Une Révolution Fiscale

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Pour une révolution fiscal.  On December 1, 2013, a group called Front de Gauche demonstrated their desire for a fiscal revolution in France. There was a planned rise in the TVA tax (VAT to English speakers) to which which they are opposed. It became law January 1, 2014. Instead, they want the French government to tax [...]

Le Goût a la française

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1664 - Le Goût à la française. 1664 - Taste French Style. Who woulda thunk the French made and drank much beer? It turns out that this is a French company from the Alsace region in northeastern France. Historically this area has moved back and forth between French and German control since 1871 following France's loss [...]

Turner Whistler Monet

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Once again we find ourselves underground in the oft artistry laden métro de Paris. Whether it be the classy Louvre station with its collection of sculptures and other art, the buskers offering weary commuters and tourists a bit of music or just the numerous engaging billboards on display, the métro system can be a source of [...]